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Set Your Sights on the Right Firearm Explore our extensive gun collection in Billings, MT

The right to bear arms is a freedom that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re interested in purchasing a firearm in Billings, MT, your best choice for knowledge, education and a range of options is Northwest Pawn and Gun. We are a family owned and operated company that is proud to offer a wide selection of firearms and the most competitive loans on guns in the area. Expect the following when you shop for firearms at our shop:

  • Wide selection of – rifles, pistols and shotguns
  • Product knowledge and firearm safety education
  • In-store paperwork processing and approval
  • Competitive firearm loans
  • Diverse ammunition selection and availability
  • Related products and services

Have an estate sale coming up? Northwest Pawn & Gun specializes in estate sales and will come and take them off your hands. We also do consignments on firearms as well.

Secure your next firearm at Northwest Pawn and Gun

Whether it’s your first time searching for a firearm or you need to stock up on ammo for your collection, you’ll find extensive product knowledge and diverse options at Northwest Pawn and Gun in Billings, MT. Call 406-256-7871 to chat with us about what you’re looking for, or stop by our shop today! We’ll show you our gun display, explore the best possibilities and walk you through the approval process.

Proud Authorized Dealer of Pulsar Products

Northwest Pawn and Guns is proud to be the area’s authorized dealer for Pulsar! From thermal scopes to binoculars, night vision goggles to add-on accessories, we have the Pular products you need.

Stop by the store or give us a call at 406-256-7871 for inventory questions or to take a look around our shop. We’re looking forward to meeting you!